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  1. I just finished the "Kill 100 Nutcracker Soldiers as a Sugar Plum Fairy" Achievement. Everything unlocked EXCEPT the fairy leggings. I even tried restarting the game but no leggings show up for purchase. Also, nowhere is it mentioned that the clothing that you get from this achievement (which is the hardest/most time consuming one to get) were presets. Had I known I would not have spent the time on it. Both the soldier boots and jacket are customizable, so I don't understand why these were not. Is there an armas equivalent for both the top and legging? Because I couldn't find it, and I would have rather purchased it from the start.
  2. Some people seem to hear me, others don't. I don't hear anyone at all, and all my settings for voip are set to max. I remember back years ago when I started playing I found that a completely unrelated setting would make voip work/not work whether it was turned on or not. I just can't remember what that was.
  3. Yeah I have the same issue. I can log in, but when I select a character it disconnects me.
  4. I just started playing again after the game became unplayable for me a couple years ago due to lag. I definitely feel the itch that a lot of people in this thread are feeling. I'm back to that point where all I wanna do is play and customize my characters and cars (I have 4 characters; wtf as I thinking 5 years ago?). Simultaneously, as a NA player I see why the server change/upgrade/integration is needed. If you're outside of Citadel the game feel very stagnant, as you have to follow people where they are playing, and not where you would like to play. I'm hoping they get it up and running by the time I'm back from work but if they are not, at least I know that the devs are working on something that will make my game experience more fun and I'm happy and excited for that. p.s. some of ya'll just complain for the sake of complaining, like ya'll don't have anything else to do? Go watch a movie, go clean your house, go be normal for like a couple days.
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