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  1. Bought the Key To The World Pack couple of weeks ago now im desperately waiting for an answer to the situation / unban of my account. eksde I think couple if not most of the tickets are just things that can be solved in 1-2 answers. Even if you would only have 5 people in the support team, who daily answer tickets. each one of them answer 20 tickets per day, thats not really much i believe. they would have 100 tickets per day. That would already decrease the waiting time to ~8-9 days instead of having to wait 30days to get my items i ordered back then or getting my account unbanned etc. Im actually curious how the support team is working. ^^
  2. Same for my main account happened couple days ago, just came back of a 6month break some weeks ago and now my account seems to be banned. Hopefully my ticket gets answered.
  3. Lets just hope the people who got banned because of that Launcher will get unbanned.
  4. Great, got banned couple days ago, and now i find this post.. Still dont know what so bad on using autosprint and removing muzzleflash, Nade- and car explosions. In my opinion this should be included in the options so people who wanna use it to get more performance out of it can use it and the people who wanna play the game how it is leave it @ default. this would give the people what they want, and they are not looking for 3rd party tools who give us the options named above.
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