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  1. APB is fun because it has overpowered things in the game, taking those away from the game would not make sense. If you want ballance go play another game, stop making apb worse and worse like some people are doing. The game didnt need a lot of nerfs that is done, old apb was fun, nowadays apb is so much worse.
  2. If APB comes back with a SA server i'll play this game again, if not i'm not playing again and i think many more brazilian players think the same as me. I make part of 2 groups in facebook with around 200 members each, made for brazilian players, a good amount of people in those groups saw this new post and are looking foward for a APB server in Brazil. I think APB will have at least 100 players coming back to the game (being pessimistic) if a SA server is made. For me and my friends i can say for sure that we are not playing this game again until a SA server is made.
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