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  1. Decided the FD look was not very fresh, so I went to the 3rd Infantry Division in OCP. Once again, Xbox One NA server!
  2. MrHaskins

    Server Disconnect

    So, I have been recently disconnecting from the servers on Xbox One NA. Nobody else is getting the issues but me apparently. My router is working at it's full potential, there's no issues. My internet is working as intended and there seems to be no reason why I should be disconnecting. I do think there is somebody doing something to make me disconnect, because it's on a near perfect 15 minute long loop. Every 15 minutes I will disconnect from the server and there's no if and or buts about it. I get a countdown and it runs right through. It also is coming at a time where I really want to do decal work on the game and now I cannot even do the most simple of tasks because when i get done with making decals, I disconnect before the server saves anything and I have to restart all over again. It won't stop happening. Every other app on Xbox is perfectly fine. YouTube has no issues. GTA V is fine. COD and Battlefield work fine. Minecraft is good. Just for some reason I cannot for the life of me, despite how good my stuff is, stay connected to that sever. I seriously think somebody is attacking me on a loop.
  3. I made this for my FD clan I'm starting on Xbox One, North America. Thoughts? These are all of the different visual types of gear we have.
  4. I made the turnouts for my upcoming FD. I decided to show off the different ranks and colors of helmets. My Xbox GT is: USARxVIPERx1x1
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