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  1. Yea lol. I know about that but, its been 10 hours or something dude...
  2. Lixil said the EU and RU servers are back online huh? ffs, I can't even login manualy. Steam Login doesn't work too. I was going to buy a Joker Box, but nah, my money is ok inside my wallet. This game is unplayable since 9AM. What the f*ck are the developers doing?
  3. Go to sleep, servers won't be on until tomorrow. I guess.
  4. Here you go guys. Read it all. They're not closing the servers ...I hope.
  5. Can you please explain why option number one is ok? Cause I don't get it.
  6. Why would you chose option 1? There are still players who WANT to play. I mean, you won't get anything from closing the servers. Its useless and that annoys people like me. I just came home and tried to have some fun in APB. Just get them back online.
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