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  1. I have ever this problem coming and going. Seems a problem with the login servers? When it appears also some functons ingame don't work. So if I see a "strange" behaviour of the program like i.e. can't finish a crafting and I log out I find the char screen empty. Waiting a while and normally after some time it works again.... or not. But as it seems it is a global problem.... Michaela Mir
  2. This one is also invalid alien... *takes a bottle of vodka and drinks in one go*
  3. Yesterday , 5/30/19 i had again often misfuntions based on the login-server down. At least when i tried to relog no chars where there to choose. It s awful that this happened ever when I did a special event or watned to do missions with someone in a team. It was so awful, i would have quit the program if I would be new. What is this issue with the accounts? worst it was on 12:00am and 1200pm west european time (so 5:00 am/pm i guess?).
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