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  1. We all have been waiting for the engine update that's been promised for years now, but I'm curious as to what in thew world made you think that as soon as LO took over, you'd get everything you wanted? Not only that, but almost instantly. Until you and a team of your own can go and transfer everything to a new engine. They have come into a toxic and impatient community by taking over APB, and it's very clear that they realize we're unhappy and they're working to do what they can, but also wanting to make sure it's working the way it's supposed to. Heaven forbid if they were to release the engine update with out fully going over it and making sure there would be no issues, as soon as someone experiences their first problem, it will cause a chain reaction and will cause an uproar demanding fixes left and right. It's obvious that they care, and that they time to hear us out, but I can't, nor do I want to, imagine the stress the team is experiencing while just trying to do their jobs and fix it while all of you are hounding and demanding left and right.
  2. lol oh geeze, I'm a dolt. I looked at the quote name from your post rather than yours, so i apologize XD to be fair, i havent had much sleep due to work, so i'm a bit out of sorts
  3. You're taking what I said far too seriously and seem to be missing the point I was trying to make. I wasn't claiming anyone here was wrong or right, just that over the years i have seen it go both ways, but more often than not, that they've been false. I have no need to "make myself feel big", and especially not here, nor did I try and come to just throw accusations around.
  4. How do I know? Because I've been around, and I knew and played with the people that were being accused. The word cheater gets thrown around so casually in apb, it's down right ridiculous. Hell, even I have had people call me a cheater when I've had a few lucky missions, and I'm someone who constantly bounces back and forth between silver and gold and had and played the same account for the last almost 6 years. I get what you're saying, but how do YOU know it is or isn't? You don't. I'm only talking from my own experiences.
  5. Because even though over the years there have been plenty of cheaters, more often than not, the phrase is true. Some kid getting their bum kicked and go whining crying foul and accusing them of cheating.
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