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  1. I have to admit, what 'nearly' killed APB, is surprise patootie little fuzzy bunny players that complain, whine and quit anything that get's hard. 1. Hacking: 9/10 times when you're calling hacks you have come up against someone with a little more skill and experience than you. They normally also come in groups who are all also skilled and experienced. Sure hacking exists, but it's rarer than you think. Suck it up, press on, there is no value in overcoming something that's easy. You never know, it might just because you're not that good yet. 2. PTW Guns: any 3 slot gun in game beats any gun that can be bought, when moded right. Level Ur roles ffs. 3. Tactics: No matter what you think, there is no such thing in this game. There are counter tactics to every gun and area on the map in the game. Every gun has a weakness and every area has a way in. Teams are important in this. Be sociable, make friends then communicate. You'll see the difference. 4. New Content & Other BS: Were lucky to have this game. This game should never have come out. It's free so stfu. You pay money and you're rewarded in game for it, so stfu. Go learn about the history of this game and understand why it is the way it is. 5. APB 2: With our player base??? lmfao, no fukin way. Instead of being walking advocates, ur forum stalking trolls. Look are yourself first. Understand that you are not the best you can be. Learn from your defeats cause you don't learn from any Victory. Make friends, have fun and K the fuck up..... Bitches....
  2. lol How is this thread and the Error 9 thread still being posted on? lmao Servers are down for maintenance....Notices all over the shop.....people are like....Why servers down? -.- Although, note: @admin - You might want to actually post in the Thread that is purposefully created for Server Status and information.... But still, people are funny....
  3. No point in playing right now. I was stuck at loading into waterfront for 30 minutes. I'll try alter in the week.
  4. It's currently between 8 and 30 attempts to get in. When I get in it takes 8 to 10 minutes to get into the server. When I go into mail it takes forever or crashes. Sigh.
  5. Emmmmm.....Does Error Code 9 mean the servers are up? >.>
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