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  1. Thanks to Little Orbit for bringing this back! I am so enjoying returning and playing Fallen Earth once again. Of all the games (Big name ones too) that are available today, I find it is hard to beat Fallen Earth in the depth of game play. the crafting chain is second to none and the play area is expansive. The community as a whole is helpful, Funny and passionate unlike a few other games were the mood is salty and toxic. Even though I lost all my previous characters and loot, it is totally fun building them back from scratch and I can see long hours and a winter spent with and old friend/game. Thanks again for Bringing back Fallen Earth Cheers
  2. Meh pulled my subscription. This was the last straw 3 days down. They haven't responded to my ticket about not applying reward points for my subscription either. Missing month of reward points. Anyway, the rain and snow is gone and the sun is out. The computer room/den is out for the season.
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