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Harvesting Nodes Despawn Issue

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You guys probably already noticed it because you play the game but I'll bring it up for tracking purposes. 


When using a harvesting node, such as nature and salvaging, the node tends to not disappear. Instead, it gives you another shot at harvesting from it, them becomes unusable. The cursor then turns into a pointing finger, and the player is not longer able to interact with it, however, the node graphic persists. 


Shortly after, another node appears next to the now defunct node, and that one becomes usable. The old graphic from the old node is there next to it. After using the new node, it does the same thing as the first one (gives you another chance to harvest then turns the harvest cursor to the pointer finger cursor) and shortly after that, a new node appears near the old one. 


I had this happen with medic salvage, plants, and the chicken nests near Clinton Farm. (Started a new character because I forgot how to play xD).


Hope this helps in some fashion.

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