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Golden N-HVR 762-SD Has wrong description

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Summary: Golden N-HVR 762-SD description uses the wrong word to describe it's range handicap.


Description: The silencer mod limits it's range but the description says "increased" instead of "decreased" referring to it's range due to the silencer.


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to jokerstore, talk to Wilde

2. Select Weapons > High-Velocity Rifles

3. Click on Golden N-HVR 762-SD Notce it says "range however is increased due to the special rounds required" Whne it should say "range however is decreased due to the speical rounds required"


How many times have you recreated this bug: 100%


Results: The description is claiming the silencer "increases" the range when infect it decreases it.


Expected Results: It says "decreased" in the description instead of increases the silencer lowers your range (fixed before next Golden N-HVR 762-SD is released would be nice)


Image below


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