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FE's Engine is Unfixable

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Regarding comments and posts about the current game's state. It's garbage. It's bad. It's horrible. Probably worse than before a year ago. 


Simply put, the way this engine works and aged it's impossible to do anything with it. I believe this was already said, i don't know what's happening or who's behind the main development team for LO. 

But i'm pretty sure they figured that one aswell. What i think is happening, is that it's either damage control or they are seriously trying to get a stable build for the current engine and focus work on porting the game over to whatever Engine they want to port it over to. However, we've seen little to no progress, except for some pictures and gifs from the new port. Some progress was also made on Server Stability. And maybe more that wasn't posted or otherwise told to us. Not looking good for this and past month honestly. 



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