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Creeping Vulture

Oasis repeatable bankers quest

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Since im playing with some hiatus here and there, i can't recall everything sometimes. And this time, i found only 1 repeatable quest for bankers rep, which is in Oasis. It's useful for achievement hunters mostly i guess, since u can't earn 180k rep thru the game.

Problem is, it requires to gather unique mats from local nodes and lizards. And drop rate from darn lizards is...not very good, lets say. Each quest gives only +100 rep, which makes whole process a pain in the...pain train for weeks i guess.

My simple suggestion is this:

1st) Either change repeatable quest mats requirement from unique mats to common one. U can buy usual lizard hide and weak geo chem all around. Or...

2nd) Add this bs mats to local Oasis vendors for price of original mats, since this is their substitute anyway.

3rd) Worst case scenario - change req amount of mats from 5 and 10 to 1 and 1. It'll simplify the process drastically.

Either way it takes less then an hour to change it, even by the worst case scenario. Thanks in advance.

The End.

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