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a Pair of Socks

Three Skin Bug Reports in One Post :^)

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So the first skin bug is with the Red Sider skin on the  Joker TAS20. It displays as the Regal Skin instead of the Red Sider skin and this really sucks because the tas20 is my fav shotgun and the Red Sider skin is my fav skin x-x 

proper skin on the gun.

Wrong skin loading on the gun.

Onto the second report of which is the Chrome Skin on the Mountie Nunavut.  As you know the Chrome skin is unlocked by reaching Role 6 on Sidearms but it instead says that you need Cop 15?  Idk whats up with that xd
Proper Chrome skin shown on the FBW with description.

Whatevers going on here lol.

And so the third and Final skin bug report is going for the ATAC Mercenary!  Albeit I dont ever use this gun aside from wanting to test how broken the variants are, this is still something thats gonna ruins someones day, especially for it being the brand new skin for the event!   The Halloween Necrocite skin shows as the Halloween Bats skin for some reason lol

Proper Halloween Bats skin.

Halloween Bats showing as the Halloween Necrocite skin!

And that concludes my report for today 😛

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