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Count down timer for events

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A few games I've played over the years have a timer for events. Some only have a 10 minute count down, some an hour which list location of event giving players time to get to the event and not miss out. These events are run hourly at different locations, giving players time if they have access to the to other locations to attend all.


These timers vary from a chat notification to an actual clock at the top of the screen. Any would be welcomed and could also be useful for over mini events like defense towns and world event bosses.


This would be a great addition to any future events or the new FE. Having events run every 2-4 hrs isn't involving all players. Hourly event gives those that log in for shorter periods of time a chance to be involved in the event as not everyone has hours upon hours to wait for a event spawn.

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Automatic chat notifications for world events (Similar to Globaltech Crate announcements, and GORE Crate in FH) would increase player retention IMO. Some of the holiday events in the past, the most active were when the events bugged and spawned a boss/reward every 30 mins or so. This allowed for us to form up raids, camp out, and kill bosses. 


Events in FE give players an incentive to log in, whether they be dev made or player run. 

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