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Halloween... and problems

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Hey, im i the only one having problems with my mouse since todays update? Before update everything was fine with my mouse but after todays update it seems like my mouse is smoothing it self in-game by it self even tho i have smoothing and everything off. Raw imput, everything is on but when i move my mouse in smooth movements i can see that i slows and stutter or stop registring movement for few milli seconds (like dpi changed to 400 itself and than immediately back to 800, closest as i can describe it) on some points of the movement and its pain to play with since i cant rely on that pure raw imput. So i want to ask if anyone having same issue or know how to fix this...


Thanks for all replies.


Close info:

My mouse is Zowie FK2, USB 2.0, raw imput on, smoothing in windows off, smoothing in game off, dpi 800, sens in game 11.272, apb load on cpu 74-80%, on rams 56%, gpu 38%, no external program used to controll mouse, 144hz panel, advanced launcher with minimal settings (exept charr, decals, guns and cloth textures, these an on ultra) for max performance, no fps drops or screen stutter, have clean both mouse sensor and mouse pad

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