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Projectiles ghosting and not registering.

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I've had this issue for a while now and if there's a thread on it already someone please link it.

Typically it's most noticeable with the semi-auto weapons like the obeya, JG, and obir although, I've seen it happen while tap-firing the ntec and star as well. The issue is that when firing the weapon, occasionally it will show the shooting animation and the bullet decals on the wall or player, but no ammo will have been used and shots will not have done any damage. I've also noticed that when this happens if you were to click an extra time just after shooting the "ghost shots" the weapon will fire again with real damage and ammo immediately. The problem with that is the ghost-shots still give normal recoil so the extra real shot right after nearly always misses. It doesn't tend to happen if the weapon is fired slowly, but shooting slowly is an invitation to get killed by anyone else who can fire at a normal speed. This never happens when you just spray the gun, however. This bug also occurs with using grenades as well. When tossing a grenade at your adversary the nade vanishes without doing any damage and sometimes the grenade will phase right through the environment near the opponent with no effect or sign of damage done.

Does anyone else have this problem or know anything else about it? I suspect it may be related to latency/packet loss but I've yet to figure it out.

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