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Delays in the trading function

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I remember the first day you told us about the trade system is live on OTW we jumped in and see the 7 days trade hold  , a fix  later and you removed the trade hold great !, and we can trade as much as we want in a day that's pretty nice !

But there's one single thing that bothers me here , and it happened after doing a sucessful trade :

Is there really any point to this ?
if the person you're trading with wants a gun to then trade it for something else with another person , he will have to wait 3 days just to do so ? that's bad .

i honestly don't understand what's up with all those wait times , you have to wait 7 days for this , then 3 days for that .
There's so many games where you can trade your stuff freely , so why can't we in APB ?
im really bummed by this to be honest .

With a friend we thought about this system and it's original fuction was to prevent scams from trading using the market right ? , well this trade hold is a new reason for middlemans to exist , why ? because people are going to use them only to avoid that trade hold , that seems absurd right ? ,well not really , thing is there's people that trade a lot every day , and when they get a weapon they're just looking to use it for another trade .

As weird as it sounds , as long as those trade holds are there , middlemans will still be a thing .

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