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Kingman Prison, Lt Grinder

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Recently a friend and I returned to FE after about 3 years away, and we started new toons. Kingman Prison has always been complicated, and Lt Grinder is IMHO the toughest mission in there. I know there is a strategy to killing Grinder without wiping us out by his minions. There was a time when you could easily find 10 or more players for a raid on the prison, but that's no longer the case, so strategy is very important...always was.

I've forgotten so much about the game, although I started playing before the end of beta in August 2008. I've checked YouTube and the Wiki, but any content that may have existed has disappeared. There was only 1 tour of the prison, and the player took one single rifle shot at a Grinder minion, and then just left the room. All that video showed was how to move around the prison, but nothing on strategy. And he had to be a level 55 to even do that much solo.

It seems that the players have to stay behind that L-shaped wall until Grinder's minions stop coming. Is that correct?

Also, I'm hoping they'll put back the regen chamber that used to be inside the prison. When we wiped out yesterday, we were thrown back to the chamber by the bridge leading into town. That's a very long way to run back.

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I remember helping groups of noobs out on this.
The tables on the l shaped wall help with minions, but I remember just running around the L shooting the boss while others either distracted minions or healed me and others.

Dunno if that helps... 

I'm planning on reinstalling soon when I get back into town, so if you still don't have it in about a week or two, hit me up.

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