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9 year anniversary events on Sep 22 2018

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Yes its that time again. The anniversary is sept 22nd, so anyone wanting to do an event, post it here so we can all be on the same page working together. 
The Awakened Order Fight NIght Anniversary Event
Tao clan will hold the 9th annual fight night club at the motel pool by Beaus tavern.  Time will be determined by LO's activities and other groups events.
If you wish to compete, please send Mutare a in game mail with the avatar you are competing with and what level you are.  I will make brackets so you compete with your level. At the end we will have open fight call outs as usual. I have the short and tee shirts we made for the 1st years events, but we aren't making everyone play nekkid this time.  This time anything goes, all armour, buffs, tents, mutations and heals are legal.  Unless you opt as a competitor to wear the cute short and tee shirt set.

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