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7 hours ago, Clandestine said:

I can't wait for quantum communication to enroll worldwide. Imagine having 20ms no matter which server you chose to play.

That would be awesome indeed.
23 minutes ago, Lato said:

Game is sooo dead

And so is this meme.

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20 hours ago, GhosT said:

Yet everyone of you said things like "colby best" "joker best" "jericho best".


Citadel best.

nah, Obeya best, joker second best. but then G1 renamed obeya and moved joker people to crapland.

@socks, at leats we can play togethr now on EU, come over here, you spent so much money on this agme you probably have all armas account wide anyways. Edited by LilyV3

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