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The new balance from the oblivion is great you must strife left/right to be 100% accurate.
The misery and the COBR-A are perfect now, we can finally do more than Blitzkrieg 2 with and now you can challenge the assault rifles users.
The HVR.. YES NO MORE BRONZE GAMEPLAY getting 85 in close range QS/JUMP SHOT.
IR3 with -21% fire rate when FULL SPRAY... smart idea (No irony) which one dev got that idea ? I would like to know.
ANUBIS oooh yess the anubis 2014, version 2, is back baby.

That's all for the good things. 

PS: CSG/TAS20 can 2 shots from 17m what a joke, we are back to the future of RTW shotgun lel.

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