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Showstopper reload animation is incorrect when reloading while aimed

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Description: Showstopper reload animation is incorrect when reloading while aimed. The hands don't really move away from their aimed positions.
Game Version:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch the game.
2. Enter any district, and either to either variant of the Showstopper
3. Fire the weapon aimed. Reload while aimed.
4. Notice that during the weapon reload animation, the hands don't necessarily move to 'reload' the gun. They are stuck to the pistol grip of the weapon.
5. Once reloaded, fire from the hip. Allow the weapon to return to an idle state before reloading
6. Notice the hand movement is now much more fluid. It looks like you're doing a proper reload of the weapon.

Video included to quickly demo what the issue is.

How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3

Expected results: This shouldn't be happening. 

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7 hours ago, LO_Beastie said:

Thanks. I've fixed this locally and it should be fixed in a future build.

Can confirm this is fixed as of

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