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Dojima Ichizoku [Criminals]

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Dojima Ichizoku
The Yakuza wannabe group

Greetings fellow shoplifters and notorious trashcan vandalists, you have done well, you have found your way to the doorway that leads to a better lifestyle, Dojima Ichizoku will guide you from here on out. Your interest in us is a given, much like how a crane craves fish the superior criminal craves the Yakuza lifestyle which of course only Dojima Ichizoku can provide, now the question arises, is that interest mutual? To answer that question we will have to investigate the matter, let's start out with some formalities.
  • Is your character Asian looking, or are you willing to adjust to this standard?
  • Could your name be considered Japanese of origin or are you willing to change your name? (Weeb names acceptable, offensive names by any means are not of course)
  • Are you over the age of 18?
  • Do you posses a functioning microphone, have discord installed and are you willing to join us on voicechat?
  • Do you play on Citadel servers?
  • Did you atleast get a B+ in math
Kindly answer these questions and post them below or send them to me personally in the form of a PM if you are interested.


Oyasan, Kazaku Dojima
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