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"Settings"/"Options" Guide for PVP

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First we need to cover the biggest factor for players FPS and a lot of "exploit" claims...

This file is pretty easy to edit under your "Settings" folder in the game's main directory.

  • Find DISTANCE=
  • Change values to DISTANCE=100,25,25,25,25
    • To make this easy to understand, the first controls player/NPC distance while the rest are tents/farms/grass/trees/etc which will greatly boost FPS
      • This also makes objects vanish which allows you to shoot through them, until the client is forced to make these 100% there will always be QQ.

Possible ways to increase FPS without losing much quallity

We'll start with each tab under options...

  • Resolution : Lowering your resolution can increase FPS, however in full screen this allows you to get a bigger "hit" area as it does not scale properly when going to lower resolution... thus players using 640x480 or 800x600 will have insanely high accuracy without actually being any good at aiming.
  • "Run in a Window" : Windowed mode will generally lower FPS, but I used it for many years simply because alt-tabbing in/out of game causes a lot of glitches... only do this if you prefer it.
  • V-sync : Honestly keep this off unless you don't have any issues while it's on.
  • Shadows : Off
  • Post FX and Advanced : Off, but they do look nice if you can handle the FPS hit.
  • Anti-Alias : 2x (yes this can increase FPS, you need to test it tho, I gain 50-150 FPS)
  • Anistrophy : 2x (Same as AA)
  • Disable Actor LOD : Do not enable this
  • DO NOT TOUCH "X Distance" RANGES BESIDES IN THE INI FILE (unless you want to increase them)
  • Terrian & Texture Quality :Personal choice, I run it on high.
  • Texture Distance : Personal choice, I run it on high.


No real effect here, but VoiP hasn't worked in almost a decade so ignore it. On lower end computers disabling sounds can help improve performance, but on newer ones this should not be an issue.

  • Again not much here, but there are some key features to use...
  • NPC Chat and Chat bubbles will lower FPS, not by much but it is a factor. Not to mention your chat window having NPC chat can also lower FPS.
  • Notifications can also cause some hiccups, but not that bad... disable as needed.
  • Showing FPS/Bandwidth is a good way to find out if you might be experiencing issues... high FPS is good and less % loss is better.
  • Hiding the crosshair with a UI can help improve the ability to use pistols/rifles at 195 rather than 23 above weapon skill cap.
  • "Move Hidden Windows" is amazing and you should adjust them to personal preference, this can help your PVP experience 100 fold by getting them into a way you can manage properly in combat.

This is also where you can add a second hotbar, remember you can increase their size as well.


Here are a few things you can adjust, but mostly mouse sensitivity.
  • Always set "Y" 1 sensitivity higher than "X", this will make it feel sooooo much smoother.
  • Turn off the profanity filter if you don't mind seeing us swear in chat.
  • Target's Marker/Health : Can't see any difference here... I'll see if I can find out later.
  • Player/NPC Names : I recommend you keep these on.
  • NPC Glow : Off
  • Alienware LightFX : Off
  • Floating Damage : Can help FPS but honestly floating damage helps know who is/isn't focused
  • Delince X : Personal choice
  • Auto-First Person : Personal choice
  • Auto-Holster on Mount : I actually forgot if this helps mounting speed... will test to confirm.
  • Vehicle Debres : Off
  • In-World Gear pop-ups : Leave it on


Please be sure to adjust your hotkeys to personal preference, I recommend making sure your "walk" hotkey is nowhere near any of your combat hotkeys.
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