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Clan Shop UI

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This might not be such a big deal after trading comes in but I think it would be super cool if we had a way for clan players to buy clan clothing, symbols and vehicles from their clan menu. What I'm proposing is that clans have inventory slots in which leaders and officers can transfer vehicles, symbols and non-armas clothing into. These would appear on a clan shop page in the clan menu and clan members could buy these items for the standard duplication fee for that item. This would make distributing clan vehicles, symbols and clothing so much easier and would even mean that members could get their hands on the items while the leader (or whoever makes these items) is offline. It's mostly a quality of life thing but it would make running a clan much easier for leaders/officers. 🙂


I'll try to mock up a screenshot later to give everyone a better idea of what's in my head it's fairly simple design. A new tab on the clan page with a grid on the page with a preview thumbnail and a Buy or Duplicate button underneath it. Maybe the magnifying glass button next to it to bring up the standard full preview window? Not sure if the price should be displayed under the thumbnail or in the duplication confrimation text window? Maybe both? But yeah, I'm sure there are other clan leaders out there that feel my pain, wouldn't it be nice if something like this was added to the game? 😃

In general I'd be all for anything that expands clans further and makes clan easier to manage but this is something that has been in my head for years while playing this game and I figured that I'd put it up on the suggestions forum now as it might have more chance of making it into the game now that we have developers that seem to want to actually develop the game. 🙂

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