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ExoGenesis [Crims]

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ExoGenesis - Becoming one with creation



Who are we?

Exogenesis is a clan that has existed on and off for around 2 years to it's name, I started this clan with 2 friends I made up with in the game and decided on what we wanted to do with the clan and how we will progress along with it. We treat everyone like family here, but respect works both ways. We like to make fun of each other and not take ourselves too seriously most of the time. We will however pursue for competition and aim for success.

I made ExoGenesis in hope to change the meta of what I see on the other "Multi-gaming community" and while it does work, I'm not a fan of a clan so huge that you barely get to know anyone and feel alone in the clan. I want to make a moderate sized community that has enough members to participate in large events whilst also being efficient and more mobile and while still having a community were everyone feels confident to speak to each other and have fun and knowing everyone of each other to make a much more better environment in whole.

We are like family, we respect one another and we expect the respect given back as well.

Primary Goals of Exo?



I aim to make ExoGenesis to be part the competitive drive of APB:R. I strive for competition and I want to have highly competitive players to help me on the clan's goals of being a success. I set ExoGenesis with a Semi-hardcore approach, this means a more competitive playing field with other clans and being able to hold our own. While I understand that not all players are fully competitive or they have a "life" I also want to make the clan more better for "Social" players that like to just talk and be part of a new family of players and make the clan have a different atmosphere.


We are going to have a rough start compared to maybe 2 years ago, but I promise to get us into every competition possible and get us onto a good level of skill that will allow us to play with some of the biggest clans in APB:R, We had our times when we were most active and I plan to revive that time and make it even better than before. All I ask is for some time and patience to grow with us to get back to that stage of success.



Requirements For Exo?


  • Players that respect both their teammates and opponents - this means things such as saying GG after winning/losing and giving constructive feedback to teammates on what they'd like improved. I'm not going to ban trolling or being immature, but as long as it's kept to a minimum and you don't take it too far with your mates.
  • Competitive players
  • Criminal (Not going to make an enfo side of Exo)
  • Rank 100+ Gold (Possibly silver due to un-banned accounts)
  • Active players that can socialize
  • Have a mic for Discord (It's so important for teamplay)
  • No exploiting items,glitches or other shit - obvs no hacking
  • 16+


To join the clan please PM/mail - Desmila and I'll give you an invite to the clan, you can also write on the post here and I'll pm you.


Closing points


We don't have a specific outfit to be used within the clan but we do however use the colours Green in our designs - so while it's not required, it'd be sick to see some combinations of green/black colour schemes again. I'll also here if we get another car designer to make clan specific cars in the Exo color scheme




Some old games we did a while back:


ExoGenesis 1st Scrim: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/5221242

ExoGenesis Playing around: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/4221981


(If these links give you the "3000" encode error then soz, I have no fucking how that works)


Thanks for reading,


- Desmila

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3 hours ago, EngLen said:

Thanks for membership Desmila.

Np my friend. 



- We are still recruiting and looking for active members, hit me up in-game with a mail or PM me

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