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So is this one dead too?

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The News and Announcements section is still totally empty, so I'm fearing the worst. 😟

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Interactions with LO are divided in 2 types of people...You think it's you who is purchasing or owning LO in some little way investing in their games or you think you're "in equal position" to deserve at least an sincere explanation when something is off.

FORGET IT. since the moment you show interest in their business/games if you let them manipulate you, it's like without knowing the reason seems you have come in a jail and become weak helpless little girl. left to their mercy/lies and you to believe only them😂...


what you should've  asked yourself and LO months ago it should've been something like that:

Why no one devs or LO staff've  set at least an approximate release date from the beginning?

The game was already complete and finished from Descent studio, the big matter was about the item shops market.. seeing the delay, legit asking.. what bs are preparing there? 💀


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Sorry for the cringe comparing, but manipulating and PREDATORY MARKETING is a uglier beast which you, I or anybody in reality can't ever think and describe for good how much low and viscid it is.

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