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Apb steam unlink

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Hey, could anyone tell me how to unlink steam from apb, i  forgot the currently linked steam account since i only login via gamersfirst, and when support asks me for account verification i cant provide it since i really dont remember. Since im the only one who can access my own account how do i check it?

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If I remember right you can do this through you're steam library ..   But you need to access it.   Steam support wont really help you gain access back into your account with out security QA and 2fa this is to do with acc hijacking.   Especially if setup 2fa and you don't have it,  then support wont help and you've lost that account.   Steam's normal Account Verification is to your email associated with.  if you don't have access to that email then you're stuck .   You can request help to recover your account but the requirements is very long and most importantly you would have to prove owner ship ie, digital purchase by card or virtual, with receipt/invoice or bank statements. 


To answer your question on Steam unlink . 

If you do get back into your account its via


Locate APB Reloaded in library. 

-> Right click -¬ Sub menu -> "Manage" ¬ Sub menu -> "Remove from account"  


This acts as two functions,, Removes the "free licence title" from your account  and  Removes the steam link login to that game. I cant confirm if this still works as intended.

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