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[PC & Console] 03/15 Maintenance Announcement (Build#1359)

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Hello, everyone,


Our regular APB maintenance for PC and Console will be held tomorrow (3/15). It will start at 9AM UTC and it is expected to take up to 4-6 hours. Here's what to expect with the incoming patch:



- Implemented a potential FPS speedup with ALT-TAB,

- Implemented a potential fix for a hang experienced when re-initializing a GPU device on the spawn screen,

- Implemented a potential fix for the client issue resulting in lower performance (if the issue is still present, it can sometimes be fixed by swapping from Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen mode to Fullscreen mode, then swapping back to the desired display),

- The Obeya "Heartbreaker" Valentine's Day Weapon is classified as a Marksman Rifle outside of the holiday event,

- The "Valentine's" category no longer appears in-game in the deploy menu,

- The in-game support URL (F1) points to the proper URL.



- Rebuilt (and permanently set to nighttime) the Asylum map's lighting. Atmosphere!

- Districts with fixed time of day cycles now properly toggle (on or off) time-activated spotlights.

- Tweaked the Vegas G20's suspension to be more stiff.



- Applying settings in-game can also occasionally cause performance issues. These can be fixed by a restart.

- Some roles will occasionally show incorrect values (i.e., the "Mugger" role showing a progression of 1000/50).

- Explosions will go through some very thin walls (cars potentially can explode even if a rocket is shot at them from behind a wall)

- Minor instances of certain non-light source objects casting light in Asylum.


Thank you for your patience during the maintenance period.


See you in game!

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