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[PC & Console] 02/15 Maintenance Announcement

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Hello everyone,


On Wednesday (02/15), we will hold a standard APB maintenance for the PC and console starting at 9 AM UTC. It is expected to last up to 4 hours, and it will be followed by the game patch, which will squish some pesky bugs: 


  • Fixed an issue where trade locks were broken in the previous update.
  • Fixed a problem with a tiny memory leak that would add up over time.
  • Fixed an issue in Character Customization where assets would sometime refuse to load.


Other known issues:


  • A known server crash may have been introduced in the previous (1.30) build. We're investigating it.
  • There is a potential resource handle leak we're investigating. Some players have worked around this issue by using "Alt-Enter" to change their resolution to fullscreen and back to fullscreen windowed again.
  • There is an issue where Valentine's Day titles do not appear pink. This will be corrected in next week's update.
  • Some additional material/environment sounds have been identified where they are too loud. In some cases, this is a longstanding issue and will be corrected.


As always, we thank you for your patience during this period!

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