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Holiday event!

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Clones, your immediate attention is required.

The first contact with a large pack of underdwellers known as "Whom" appearing on the outskirts of the Grand Canyon has been confirmed. Just like the same time in the previous year, we expect them to be closely followed by the sasquatch-rated mutant "Grunch." The ever-diligent patrols work around the clock to reduce their numbers, but the truth is, we have a holiday crisis on our hands. Agent Cindy Loom has arrived with an unyielding holiday spirit more information on the potential sightings of the Grunch.


From 21rst December (today) to 4th January, receive your tasks from her at the following locations:

  • Deadfall (5527405 5105450)
  • Kaibab Forest (6524573 5214506)
  • Northfields (4482171 5508380)
  • Plateau (4680480 4135025)


Bring her the evidence that Grunch will no longer steal the holiday season in Grand Canyon, andyou will be rewarded for your efforts.

It's the season.

Happy holidays!

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