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Promises made in the Open Letter to us, the community

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I will be working my way down the list so let us start with the first point mentioned. During Little Orbits Open letter to us the APB Community the most important line to many of us was this:

“I will however make one simple commitment right now. From here on out, I promise to communicate with the community on a regular basis. No more silence. Good, bad or ugly I will share where we are at.”


This commitment has done wonders for Little Orbit, especially during the first year or so, however, as the focus shifted more and more away from the live game in hopes that the engine upgrade is “just around the corner” the communication and transparency has died down and at this point is basically dead apart from Matt’s Bi-weekly post about the progress their Team is making on the 64Bit upgrade.


“Promises made as well as overall game direction has all been forgotten and are now “in the distant future””  -Community Member


A lot of topics I will go into below are topics on the list because of the fact that communication has died down almost entirely, the most exciting news APB players have gotten in the recent year or two were plans to add a fourth, cosmetic mod slot to let players customise things such as their muzzle flash to be different colours and even that was more of a passing by comment made by a Little Orbit employee made on their discord rather than something talked about more openly such as in a blogpost. It feels as if we have to beg for info about just about anything going on with the live game, will there be more balance changes? Will there be any more updates? Will there be a Halloween event?

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