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EGGcellent News! The hunt is on.

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Inhabitants of WastEland, this is an emerGency announcement.

An overniGht appEarance of several mysterious nodes around the area has been reported from several different sources. As of now, not much about these structures is known. Due to this, the hiGh alert status is for the followinG locations:

Plateau (4239016, 3233429)
Northfields (4306854, 5330277)
Kaibab Forest (6596278, 5796841)
Deadfall (5738817, 5384857)
Alpha County (6363888, 4050492)
Outpost (6353411, 3619836)

An unvErified anonymous source claimed that these Growths somehow contain... eggs... that need to be harvested at the earliest convenience. ConsiderinG their demand for "more egg" throughout the conversation and an occasional squeak of what we assume was an eggsaggerated eggcitement, we'd like to remain skeptic.

Proceed egg your own risk if you run into one of the growths or any individuals requesting- MORE EGG!


Let the egg hunt begin (?)

As you may or may not have already picked up on, the new season is emerging in Wasteland. This Easter, there are strange sightings of formations containing abnormal, egg-like structures of an unknown origin. Thanks to our residential code doctor, Knits, these structures have been secured and are safer to handle if encountered.

Our coordinator Emily remains adamant that you should be on the lookout for an unknown individual that seems to be highly interested in the content of these mysterious formations. She also took a liking to a garment collection we've never heard of that just happened to find its way to her headquarters. She says customizable pants are all the rage this season. Could this be related to the recent events? Proceed at your own (curiosity) risk...

Well, Ritual says there's only one way to find out. Where's your sense of adventure, clones? The odds are 50/50 that in two weeks, we will be marking this peculiar occurrence as yet another wonder in the bleak reality of Wasteland. If you like your chances, don't let us stop you.

What lies behind the strange warning to the inhabitants of Wasteland? Get crackin' and find out!

Happy Easter and happy hunting!

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