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Faction reputation loss from PVP.

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since factions are no longer linked together,

other players in PVP zones can mess with your faction relations if you are friendly with one but they are not.


for example, you are friendly with techs but techs are not your primary faction.

a tech player attacks you, but you cannot kill him/her without losing tech reputation.


what i suggest are a few possible solutions.


totally disable PVP faction reputation loss. but not reputation gain. unless its needed for balance.


disable it if you are already FRIENDLY with said faction since you are defending yourself.


or only lose it when taking a keep or killing a player near said keep.



any thoughts on my suggestions?

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faction is easy to gain/lose if someone sees you as lets say a trav, and your allies with CHOTA and he fires first. kill him then ask him why he is being an pleasant fellow. most people in pvp zones won't attack you unless you make yourself a threat, or if there just an patootie. atleast from my veiw as most of my time in pvp zones are getting mats g1 or who ever though would be really cool to place there and almost only there

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