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Monthly/weekly playtests in a OTW server with the community manager for whoever is interested?

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Is it possible that we get some monthly/weekly OTW instance where we, the community, playtest certain weapon balancing suggestions (or in general gameplay suggestions) and then give feedback on whether it is good or bad?

Perhaps a high ttk with low bloom(less rng) test to begin with? RTW stats for testing? All character mods added to base character stats (with only consumables being a permanent mod, brown mod, ca1 being default heal and CA2/CA3 being renamed and added as green mod option)? Perhaps testing out 100% accurate first shot on all guns and how it would play out? Test out different car stats? Test out map changes?

All of this would result in the Engine Upgrade wait to feel less painful and more fun! Engaging in the development and prosperity of this game would be a fun way to earn joker tickets too!

But before that, we'd love getting a full list of weapon/car/character stats and what each stat does (or confirming if APBDB stats are reliable) so we can suggest changes accordingly (increase/decrease health damage etc. etc.)

Would be a nice way to ship out updates before entering live (and a fun way to make things fresh and not gimp live gameplay with crazy patches) and a way to attract older players back.

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zero point to randomly changing variables that you don't understand. especially SPCT who are silver/cheaters or LO who don't even play the game.

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