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[PC & Console] Med Spray Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1306)

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Hello everyone,


A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 8/18/2021. The patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.



This update contains the long-anticipated Med Spray change as well as a number of small tweaks to tune weapons that previously got a little too much love. The patch notes below detail each change as well as some of our reasoning behind those changes. As always, we encourage you to try them out and let us know your feedback in the forums. 




Weapon Balance




The last balance pass for the OCA placed it above all of the other SMGs by a decent margin. It has become clear that the changes were a little too aggressive, so we are pulling them back for the OCA-EW, OCA-EW SD and Whisper.


  • Fire Interval: 0.096 -> 0.1
  • Bloom recovery per second: 5.35 -> 5.15
  • Maximum Bloom: 0.66 -> 0.7
  • Crouch Modifier: 0.95 -> 1.0
  • Effective range: 17.5m -> 30m
  • Min damage range: 25m -> 50m


OCA Whisper


The Whisper was mostly reverted to its previous state, with one exception: the additional accuracy intended to offset the Whisper’s lack of Cooling Jacket has not been reverted, but instead has been slightly decreased.


  • Fire Interval: 0.096 -> 0.1
  • Bloom recovery per second: 5.35 -> 5.15
  • Maximum Bloom: 0.66 -> 0.7
  • Effective Range: 30m -> 50m
  • Accuracy at 10m: 33 -> 34 (used to be 36)


N-tec 5


After the buffs to the N-tec’s 5 maximum bloom, it quickly became the jack of all trades for Assault Rifles again, leaving little to no room for other Assault Rifles that are less versatile to exist in the meta without the player feeling like they made the wrong choice overall. Consequently, we are reverting the N-tec 5’s maximum bloom buff. We will be keeping an eye on the Scoped N-tec 5 as the meta develops, though there are no current changes for that gun at this time.


  • Maximum Bloom: 2.1 -> 2.4


Joker SR15 Carbine


With the buffs to the OCA in the last major balance pass, we feared the Joker Carbine would quickly fall off and not find a place to compete anymore without some buffs to compensate. Given the changes in this patch to the OCA, we deemed it best to also pull back on the Joker Carbine’s power by reverting its Bloom per shot buff from the last pass. The Joker Carbine will keep its reserve ammo buff, however.


  • Bloom per shot: 0.2 -> 0.23


Obeya CR762


The Obeya CR762’s very high over-damage, when combined with its very fast tap-fire capability (even at long range), places the gun as one of the conspicuously highest pressure long range weapons in the game, able to reach its optimum performance at ranges up to 77 meters when combined with Improved Rifling 3.


Consequently, we are lowering the Obeya CR762's damage from 245 per shot to 220. This change will not only reduce its 5 shot to kill range by 5 meters across the board, but it will also make it slightly less oppressive to play against, as 4 shots will now result in 880 damage dealt as opposed to the almost lethal 980.


  • Health Damage: 245 -> 220


Stabba -  PIG


This change was meant to be in the game quite a while ago, but was missed at the time, so we are shipping it in this patch instead.


  • Stamina Damage: 675 -> 750


Med Spray


Med Spray has been a hot topic within the community ever since the buff, as it allowed players to go from being almost dead to being back to full HP within roughly two seconds. We have heard your feedback and are removing the double health regeneration as well as adjusting the description to match this change.

  • Removed the Double Health Regeneration.
  • Removed the part that says “You get the added benefit of doubling your base health regeneration.” in the description.




Grenades have been a central part of APB’s gameplay in recent years. Currently, especially at the higher player skill levels, players will have both of their grenades on them at almost all times. Players also frequently rely upon using more than 2 grenades per push, enabled by mods such as Field Supplier, Mobile Supply Unit and previously the consumable Resupply box. The Mobile Supply Unit in particular has also enabled the possibility for players to endlessly spam grenades into a corridor to completely deny access, much like the consumable Resupply box did in the past.


Therefore, we have adjusted the resupply delay timer from one to three seconds on Frag, Concussion, Percussion and Low-Yield Fragmentation grenades. This change is intended to not only create gaps between grenade explosions in an endless resupply scenario, but also present a risk when resupplying grenades mid-push. This change should lower the overall amount of grenade spam per mission.


  • Frag Grenade resupply delay: 1s -> 3s
  • Concussion Grenade resupply delay: 1s -> 3s
  • Percussion Grenade resupply delay: 1s -> 3s
  • Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenade resupply delay: 1s -> 3s


Frag Grenade


Frag grenades have been the most common grenade type at almost all levels of play because of their unforgiving nature and very high kill pressure, allowing players to be at a huge advantage when pushing even after a less than ideal grenade throw.


Therefore, to scale back this pressure slightly, we have reduced the frag grenade's maximum damage radius from 4 to 3 meters. This change means players have to be slightly more accurate with their grenade throws to maximize their potential, as players on the receiving end of a badly thrown grenade will now lose less of their HP as a result.


  • Maximum damage radius 4m -> 3m


🐝 Sakebee

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