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Rebalance of EFFECTIVE DISTANCE on each weapon category

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I’ll start with the fact that I resent your rebalance since whoever be create "sniper shit-sights dmg system".



You kill weapons in their weapon categories.
Okey! Vanila distance:

1) Shotgun (falloff damage [fod]): 10-20m [normal distance for CQC shotgun type]
Exception: "SG-21" 7,5-15m falloff damage, but 1,25 TTK!!!! All shoguns have above 1 sec (~0,75)... Jesus!

2) SMG: 30-50m [slightly bad max fod dmg]
Exception: so more [like VAS-2, PMG 35-55m or OCA in shotgun distance 17,5m jesus..]



3) Carabine (like joker, vbr): 40-60m

4) AR: 50-70m
Exception like Scope NTEC-5, NTEC-7, etc...

5) Rifle (like obeya, obir): 60-85m

6) Light Machine-gun 70-80m
Exception like NECROVA 65-75m, S1TIC 50-70m

7) Sniper rifle 80+m
It’s very difficult to navigate weapon distance in view menu in combat. Weapons in the same category have different distances.
We have seven categories of average [10-20; 30-50, 40-60; 50-70; 60-85; 70-80; 80 ]!
Don't need added  5m to scoped ntec, why u do it?! Because it have sight?! Jesus...
I propose that all categories of weapons lead to one kind falloff distance:
1) Shotgun 10-25m [without exception]
2) SMG 25-40m [without exception]
3) Carabine 40-55m [without exception]
4) AR: 50-65m [exception: NTEC-7\AR-7\COBR-A 55-70m | STAR LCR 60-75m ] 
[exception are based on TTK, or unique (like NTEC-7)]
5) Rifle: 60-85m [without exception]
7) LMG: 70-80m [Exeption S1TIC 55-70m | NEKROVA\AMG: 65-75m]
[exception are based on sprint mode]
8] Sniper rifles: 80+  [without exception]

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