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[PC & Console] 11/25 Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1292)

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Hello everyone,


A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 11/25/2020. The patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.



This update continues our ongoing weapon changes as we dial in on weapon utility and identity. Though we are continuing to sand out some rough edges at the top end, this pass sprinkles in some love to popular but less relevant weapon lines by bringing their stats closer to our established baseline. As always, this is a gradual process. We won't address every gun that needs work in this update. If there are guns you feel still need a pass, please be sure to politely outline which weapons those are and why you feel that way on our forums.




Weapon Balance


Percussion Grenade


The Percussion Grenade has received the following changes:


  • Stamina damage has been reduced from 350 to 200
  • Explosion radius has been reduced slightly from 5.5 meters to 5 meters.
  • The radius in which the Percussion grenade deals its maximum damage has been reduced from 3 meters to 2 meters.


Percussion grenades had their radius reduced to encourage accurate throws over spamming them. Users now need to be more precise if they wish to do full damage. The stamina damage was also reduced to prevent combining the explosion with Stabba - PIG in order to achieve a near instant stun of the enemy player.


Stabba - PIG


The Stabba - PIG has received the following change:


  • Stamina damage has been increased from 675 to 750.


Due to percussion grenades having their stamina damage reduced, the stamina damage of Stabba - PIG has been increased once again.


R-2 ‘Harbinger’


The R-2 ‘Harbinger’ has received the following changes:


  • It will no longer drastically decrease your accuracy when switching to it.
  • The delay before bloom begins to recover has been reduced slightly going from 0.34 to 0.32 seconds.
  • Its Health damage has been increased from 250 to 280.
  • It has also had a slight reduction in it’s equip time going from 1.0 seconds to 0.8 seconds.


R-2 ‘Harbinger’ will no longer be very inaccurate when switching to it. The recovery delay has also been decreased slightly, allowing for a lower time to kill at max range. The damage was also buffed, which increases overall efficiency and makes missing shots less punishing. Finally, the equip time was also reduced, increasing the overall versatility.


Colby M-1922 (Tommy Gun)


The Colby M-1922 has received the following change:


  • Overall recoil reduced by 50%.


The overall recoil of the Colby M-1922 was decreased, which will make it a more viable pick.


Colby PMG


The Colby PMG has received the following change:


  • The PMG had its crouch modifier adjusted slightly going from 1.0 to 0.9 and making it so it once again gains a bit of accuracy when crouched.


The PMG will now become more accurate when the user is crouching, thereby creating a tradeoff between mobility and accuracy.




The OCA and OCA-SD variants (Whisper not included) have received the following changes:


  • The OCA and OCA-SD variants have had their crouch modifier adjusted, going from 0.8 to 0.95. This means that they will no longer gain as much accuracy when crouched.
  • The effective range has been adjusted. The dropoff now starts at 17.5 meters rather than 30.
  • The dropoff range has also been adjusted, now dealing its minimum damage after 7.5 meters rather than 20 meters. This means these weapons will now deal their minimum damage of 37 damage per shot at 25 meters rather than 50 meters.


Standing in contrast to the PMG, OCA variants are now slightly less accurate when crouching. Combined with their damage drop-off being shortened, so that it now starts dropping off at 17.5 meters, this makes them more appropriate for mobile gunfights.


N-HVR 243 (Scout)


The Scout has received the following changes:


  • Its health damage has been reduced slightly down from 600 to 575.
  • Its equip time has also been made faster to compensate now sitting at 0.7 seconds rather than 0.8 seconds.


N-HVR 243 had its damage decreased from 600 to 575. This won’t dramatically change the weapon, but will punish the user slightly more for delaying between shots. Hitting the first shot, missing the 2nd, but hitting the 3rd will still result in a kill - but with slightly less room for error. This means accuracy when firing will be paramount. Since damage was reduced slightly, we've given it a faster equip time so you can begin firing that much sooner.


N-HVR 762 (HVR)


The N-HVR 762 has received the following change:


  • Its health damage has been reduced slightly down from 800 to 770.


We’ve decreased the damage of N-HVR 762 (HVR) to 770 in order to cut back on the number of 1-shot combinations with secondary weapons.


AR-97 ‘Misery’


The AR-97 ‘Misery’ has received the following changes:


  • Its jump modifier has been adjusted slightly so it’s in line with other assault rifles, now sitting at 11 rather than 8.
  • The misery had its overall recoil reduced by 40%.


We’ve decreased the overall recoil of the AR-97 ‘Misery’ significantly, but also decreased its jumping accuracy in order to balance out the changes.


Colby RSA


The Colby RSA has received the following changes:


  • Its walk modifier has been adjusted from 1.75 to 1.5, meaning that it’ll now lose less accuracy when moving while aiming downsights.
  • Its Fire Interval has been made faster. It now sits at 0.88 down from 0.9, making it a 1.76 TTK Revolver.
  • Its equip time is now 0.9 seconds down from 1.0 seconds.


Colby RSA is now more accurate when moving while aiming down sights. This should make the gun feel less clunky to use. It is also now capable of shooting faster, and the equip time has been lowered to bring it in line with the ACT 44.


Scoped N-TEC 5


The Scoped N-TEC 5 has received the following changes:


  • Its maximum bloom has been reduced significantly down to 1.55 from 2.1.
  • Its crouch modifier has been changed from 0.9 to 0.8 making it more accurate while crouched.
  • Lastly, the Scoped N-TEC had its Effective Range increased by 5 meters, now sitting at 55 meters rather than 50.


We’ve increased the viability of the Scoped variety of the N-TEC by increasing the accuracy of its full-automatic spray. We’ve also slightly increased its effective range and made it more accurate while crouched to give it a distinct feel from its non-scoped brethren.




We also wanted to call attention to a small addition to the text regarding name changes on ARMAS. We now clarify that the name change option is not designed for capitalization changes. If you would like to make such a change, you will need to purchase 2 separate name changes and completely log out of the game in between each name change. 


🐝 Sakebee

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