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11/19 Alpha Client Patch Notes

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Here is a list of changes for the 11/19 Alpha build. Please see our Discord server for more details on this update and for instructions on how best to give feedback.


  • New character art has been added (now with more polished job outfits!)
  • Character customization system is in. Currently we only have a few faces, hair, and facial hair alternatives. All options are unlocked right now, but the final version of the game will start the player with some basic options and colors and the opportunity to unlock more as they progress.
  • We are nearly art complete for cinematics, but some audio is missing
  • Improvements have been made to balance via stat and ability tweaking
  • Sirena and Brienze have been adjusted to be less powerful
  • Sirena has only one ability now
  • Sirena is no longer controllable in Mission 3
  • Some enemy types in Mission 4 have been changed
  • First pass of Chapter 1 itemization has been implemented. The following types are now available for purchase within the Hub:
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Trinkets
  • New potions have been added:
    • Speed Potion
    • Fire Resist
    • Accuracy
  • Updated stat screens now show more of a breakdown for units
  • Bags have been overhauled. Different bags now have different slot capacities. Only Basic Bags and Medic Bags are in.
    • Basic Bag – Can be used by anyone
      • Slot 1 – 1 use
      • Slot 2 – 1 use
      • Slot 3 – 1 use
    • Medic Bag – Physician only
      • Slot 1 – 3 use
      • Slot 2 – 2 use
      • Slot 3 – 1 use
  • Party size per mission now increases near the later part of Chapter 1
  • Song Book has been added for the Harmony System
    • Play songs found throughout the world for team wide buffs (for EA we will provide a few songs from the start)
      • Each ability has a color shown in the number slot on the action bar:
        • Red = Attack Ability
        • Blue = Defense Ability
        • Green = Support Ability
    • Follow the note pattern from your selection in the Song Book to get the corresponding team wide buff!
      • Not following the song is ok; different combinations of notes provide different effects!
  • Opening Main Menu/Title Screen is still placeholder
  • World Map has placeholder elements
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