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[PC & Console] Halloween Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1285)

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Hello everyone,


A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 10/21/2020. The Patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.



They say that fear is the best spice… or is it supposed to be hunger? As cold winds blow through the streets of San Paro, we can’t say no to some pumpkin spice with the Headless Horseman, Pumpkin Hunting, and Trick and Treat events! Not only will these events return, but we are introducing three new weapon skins, new titles, some additional weapon balance changes, and some community costumes into the Joker Store! It’s a spooky big patch this Wednesday, Oct 21st, so you should definitely check out our blog for full details!





  • Added the Headless Horseman, Pumpkin Hunting, and Trick and Treat events
  • Added the Occult and Spaceman weapon skins
  • Halloween Mayhem Costume winners to be added Oct 28th


Weapon Changes

  • Colby SNR 850
    • Health Damage: 300 -> 334
  • OBIR and FFA

    • Sprint Delay: 0.675 -> 0.4

  • Colby CSG-20

    • Stamina Damage: 20 -> 11 (231)

  • R-2 ‘Harbinger’

    • Marksmanship Speed: 139 -> 275

    • Recovery Delay: 0.45 -> 0.3

  • Firework Launcher

    • Health Damage: 600 -> 400

  • Epinephrine Injector

    • Cooldown: 45 -> 90

  • N-TEC-5 and N-TEC-Scope

    • Shot Modifier Cap: 2.0 -> 2.1


🐝 Sakebee

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