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[PC & Console] Style Month Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1279)

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Hello everyone,


A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 9/16/2020. The Patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.



Our PC patch this week covers a number of important changes to the game. First, we are making clothing more accessible by fundamentally reimagining how bundles work and by bringing over 100 clothing items to the Joker Store. Second, we are beginning the process of balancing weapons in APB. Finally, third, we are making changes to Baylan missions based on community feedback. You can read all about these changes in the linked posts above!


With regards to our weapon changes, is important to stress that these are the first step towards establishing a baseline "Meta" that we can build from in the future. Accordingly, this patch may not address weapons that are unused or underpowered at the moment. That doesn't mean they are forgotten. We aim to give every weapon some ability to compete, but to do so we will need your informed feedback. Please spend some time playing with the guns before letting us know how these changes work for you!




Clothing Changes

  • Bundles now apply discounts based on owned items. You can read all about this change here.
  • Over 100 clothing items have been added to Ophelia in the Joker Store.
    • Known Issue - Certain clothing items purchased from the Joker Ticket store can be refurbished but are not able to be traded. The items being untradeable is working as intended. The ability to refurbish them is broken and will be fixed in a subsequent patch.
    • Known Issue - Attempting to purchase character bound clothing items with a full inventory will fail but will not produce an error message. This will be fixed in a subsequent patch.

Weapon Balance

  • We applied a first balance pass to bring weapon types in-line with each other. You can read all about specific changes and their reasoning here.  
    • Like the OBIR, the FFA was also balanced. Specifics didn't make it in to the above blog post, so we are providing them to you here:
      • Bolt timer: false -> true (Nerf)
      • Reserve ammo: 240 -> 144 (Nerf)

Mission Balance

  • One of the big takeaways from the community was that, while many of you preferred territory control, you also wanted Baylan missions to be shorter. We reduced the average Baylan mission length to about 10 minutes from 15 minutes by adjusting the amount of points required to win if one team is dominating.
  • We also reduced the time it takes to do certain objectives in the game. We have reduced these objectives from 30 seconds to between 15 to 20 depending on the objective.
  • We have adjusted most missions related to driving cars around. On average, these missions have been reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.
  • All VIP missions have been changed to 23 lives for the attacker and 8 lives for the VIP.
  • Stages where attackers are defending objectives have had their time limits adjusted so that multiple objectives are taken into account.
  • We have made various adjustments to missions that were missed in previous patches.


🐝 Sakebee

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