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Item on base

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When you have a item that needs to be turned in and held for either team....

If the opposing team has points, they should NOT be able to just take the item and run away with it. At some point the the points should start counting down in reverse for NOT putting it on base.

After ALL thats what everyone in the game regardless of skill level does.

You all fuzzy bunny and call everyone p****ies but you then do it on the very nnext mission and some how come with some justification for ONLY yourself.

Futhermore..... Its really funny when the HOLD item is a BANK truck, and ppl complain that you drove away and you are P%$$Y!

Like you are just to stop in the street! Get a grip on you yourselves. The Most Toxic thing in this game is the forums with a close second being the chat in game.

It's like so dumb, The entire community of this game is MORALLY BANKRUPT!

Just calle me the pig, cuz pigs LIKE SHIt, Give it to me for saying the truth!


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As much as I hate people who run with an item ( when you need to deliver it and hold it on the base, not just hold it anywhere ), I didn`t have too much of a problem with them, just an annoyance. 
But let me guess...buying and switching to Alig/osmow and car surfer mod is too hard? Dunno...

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