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CET - Tournament

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Hi everyone. I wanted to summarize what has been announced on our Discord server so far.

The tournament hosted by the CET team will start around 18 September 2020. Everyone is invited to participate, the rules and requirements are present on our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZzefFfm

The basic prizes we have established for this competition are:
Winning Team 120 euros + Legendary weapons
2nd 60 euros + Legendary weapons + APB money
3rd 30 euros + Legendary weapons + APB money 

Two other teams drawn
# 30 euros + APB money
# Legendary weapons + APB money

° Two teams from fourth position onwards will be drawn and rewarded for their participation.

This tournament has established a rigorous path in preventing cheating, a ban on broken weapons, and offers rewards (even for those who haven't won the competition) and possibly better matchmaking.

Our intent is to revive the scenario in game, offering everyone the opportunity to be involved and have their say. APB also needs encouragement and trust. In fact, there are several people who rightly or wrongly see the title in a negative phase. We don't blame them, we still try to show that there is interest and enthusiasm around APB.

Someone asked me why not wait for the new engine to offer a similar experience to players. So I seem to have already answered with that.

With the opportunity for you too to get something good out of it,I invite you to participate. Therefore, playing the Tournament is nothing more than supporting yourself and at the same time all the others.


That said, I thank many who have given us a hand so far with important suggestions and some of them by participating in the tests, from the best known players such as Cozy, Kemp, Rooq, Pipne, Flaws etc. To lesser known but no less important players. Thanks to you too LO & in particular Mirele.

I thank the teams who have already registered. I remind you all that to participate in the Tournament you must register your team. Visit the application: https://forms.gle/3htozJPcqMS1hu6N6

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Everyone is welcome, no matter the skill level! It's worth to at least give it a try since you always have a chance to win the participation award 😉

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