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Masquarade Mask callback.

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6 hours ago, safdfsgkjhdgsjkhs said:

they should put this on armas, they need money right?

Taking their absolute no stance about it, other than shoving codes everytime I'm offline (at least in old thread), I assume, they not gonna put it anyway.

But still new confused players shows up unaware that there even was giveaway.

So they should finally decide what the fuck they gonna do about this mask so it won't be minority special thing nobody knew was given away.

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They did give these out through streams. I believe these were broadcasted on LO's channel. (dont quote me on that)

Not to mention, the streams were planned out on different times to try get as many people the chance to win.


However they should've used the "Broadcast" message in-game to alert people about this giveaway and when it's going to be. (timezone, etc)

Would be cool to see it return, I suppose. It's sort of ugly though.

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