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Cowboy/Soldier Boots with Baggy Shorts - Strange deformation

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Summary: Male Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots have strange deformation with Baggy Shorts

Description: While the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots are equipped over the top of Baggy Shorts, the bottoms section of the Baggy Shorts will be distorted in unnappealing ways.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. On a male character, change to and delete an outfit slot to ensure baseline

2. Purchase and/or equip a pair of Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots

3. Purchase and/or equip a pair of Baggy Shorts

4. Select the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots

5. Press the "Put the selected clothing item over other clothing" button

5. Observe the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots deforming the lower hems of the Baggy Shorts

How many times have you recreated this bug: 100%

Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots are distorting the lower sections of the Baggy Shorts in a way that looks like the mesh deformation is incorrectly applied for the shape of the Cowboy Boots/Soldier Boots


Expected Results:
Cowboy Boots should cause little-to-no deformation of the Baggy Shorts when layered over the top. With either a more form-fitting deformation model, or perhaps replaced with a similar deformation to the Calf-Length Urban Boots



Soldier Boots should cause deformation similar to, or copy from, the Death Boots



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