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Hello everyone , I really love these clothes , My question is Can someone make these clothes for me? I need these clothes exactly like the photo , Or sell them to me Thank you all  


My enforcer account name : ElariXxX 





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most of those clothes are from armas and you'll have to buy them yourself because armas clothes aren't tradable

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It's fairly easy to make that outfit as it's mostly black.

Depending on what server you're on, you could probably get the non-armas parts easily.
From looking at it, they look like:


Underwear - Bikini Top     (Stu Phoenix Rank 7)

Tops - Tank Top     (Ty Durrant Rank 7)

Bottoms - Combats     (Miguel Estebano Rank 2)

Footwear - Knee-high Work Boots     (Kaspar Danko Rank 6)

Jewelry - Dog Tags    (Miguel Estebano Rank 2)

Belts - Star-buckle Bullet Belt     (Cop Role 7)


You will have to pay money on the ARMAS Marketplace if you want the other parts, however.

What they are and where you can buy just the clothing:


Headwear - Headphones

Handwear - Fingerless Tactical Glove (L)

Handwear - Fingerless Tactical Glove (R)

Armor - Tactical Elbowpads or Tactical Elbowpads

Armor - Tactical Kneepads or Tactical Elbowpads

Armor - Armored Thighpads

Webbing - Tactical Harness

Webbing - Tactical Pouch, Gasmask (L)

Webbing - Handgun Holster Config (R)


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