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Double XP weekends

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As we all know, it takes awhile to level up in APB, If you don't have premium, it takes 2-3x as long. I, among others, feel that introducing "Double XP weekends" has the possibility of doing a few things.

- Help new players unlock guns/mods faster so they are more caught up with players who have played for years.

- Provide incentive to play so they "dont miss the double xp"

- Possibly bring back old players (who might even stay)

- Give veteran players a reason to get back on to finally level up that alt we have had for years

-shows people what it is like to have premium



Doing this has been suggested a few times over the years but it never happened. It has potential to help with population. Many other games do this and you can actually see the boost of population when they do it.



premium rewards for non premium players

2x premium rewards for premium players


Side notes:

Doing Double XP weekends could even be made into an event. The more levels you get the more Joker Tickets you receive and whoever got the most gets a gold joker box. Could even bring clans into it, clan with most levels on that weekend would get a reward. (this would provide even more incentive to play)



1 level -10jt

10 levels- 200jt

20 levels-400jt


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I'm actually a little surprised we have never had a double xp weekend ever in APB.

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