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Report system direct report from chat

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As many hopefully know by now, the report system looks like this:



But there is also a way to report players directly from the chat without having to use this interface.

You do need to use the correct categories/arguments for that though, of course.


The system is quite straight forward, you type /report name category. The one downside is that I haven't yet found a way to add additional information to this, but for a quick report this should work just fine.


The different categories are the following, with example messages of how it's done. In brackets you'll find all the direct report options.

/report name car (vehicle, auto, car)
/report name character (character, avatar, char, clothing, tattoo)
/report name cheating (cheating, cheat, hacks, hax)
/report name chatharrassment (ChatHarrassment, ChatHarrassing)
/report name copyright (Copyright, Copy)
/report name dethreating (Dethreating, Dethreat)
/report name tmi (SexTalk, PottyMouth, ExplicitLanguage, SexLanguage, TMI)
/report name genitalia (SexCustom, CustomSex, Nudity, Genitalia)
/report name hatespeech (HateSpeech, HateLanguage)
/report name links (Links, Urls, Link, Advertisements, Ads)
/report name missionblocking (MissionBlocking, Blocking, Ghosting)
/report name personalinfo (PersonalInfo, Personal, Personals, Dox)
/report name rmt (RMT, Trading, RealMoney, RealMoneyTrading)
/report name song (Song, Radio, Boombox)
/report name spam (Spam, Spamming)
/report name stalking (Stalking, GameHarrassment, GriefingHarrassing)
/report name symbol (Symbol, Billboard, Flag)
/report name teamkilling (TeamKilling, TeamKill, TK)
/report name theme (Theme, DeathTheme, MyEars, MyEarsTheyHurt)


Only use the one word after the name, that should send in the report. If there's any issues in the spelling of the category or any other aspect it will just bring up the graphical interface so no need to worry about spamming in 'bad reports'. This covers every category of report apart from 'Sexually Explicit'.


I'll keep the list updated as much as I can here on the forums and my page should I find any other information about the report system.


If you want a quick way to send this info to someone, just send them the webpage https://kevkof.be/report


As always, if there's questions or issues about anything I've typed just ask/reach out

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Added more direct report options
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