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I really miss this game

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I really miss this game. I first really learned of it the day it went F2P on Steam, even though I had seen the boxed set on the video game shelf at Best Buy but didn't take notice. I had played it constantly since that F2P weekend until the shutdown. I even played with my wife, son, best friend, and cousin.


We took our time, enjoying the exploring, ambiance, music, crafting, and even the wonky combat mechanics. We weren't much into PvP unless we were in the PvP zones gathering materials, but it was still much fun. In addition, my family lives not far from the Grand Canyon area. Everything from Kingman to Kaibab felt like home, but rather post-apocalyptic.


We were very thrilled when Little Orbit took over and were so hopeful, but that's not worked out well so far, as we all know. Don't get me wrong, I was in software development for over 20 years - so I get it when a company picks up an IP and wants to move forward but it just doesn't end well. Us players would, if we could, work on this as a labor of love, but for a company needing to make money, I understand it that if the investment of time and resources doesn't add up to a measurable revenue then it's on the back burner.


That being said, I'm just adding my voice to everyone else's that a LOT of us are still here. There are many people that would re-subscribe if Fallen Earth 2.0 (or whatever it becomes) should become real, of that I'm certain. If this were to happen, I can guarantee you at least 4 subscriptions from my end, alone. That may not be many, but it can all add up.


To end with, I'll share one of my favorite moments in Fallen Earth:


My 16 year old son and I were level 10 or 11 and in Kingman for the first time. We decided to try a few prison quests. Boy, were we in for a surprise. After our 3rd or 4th death, two level 55's showed up for some reason, and carried us through! we still managed to die a few times, but we ended up getting a few quests done. After it was over, they tried to give us some vehicles, but we declined, as we wanted to build our own. So instead, they gave us TWO Skull and Starburst Cowboy Hats. We didn't even realize what they had given us at the time. I learned years later they were pretty special.


Anyone else got a cool story to share?


Thanks for reading.

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